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Cinematic inspiration and fearless innovation converge in the form of Nacht-One, a brooding wrap frame that transcends the confines of decade and genre to occupy a category all its own.

Nacht-One’s muscular contours and radical proportions instantly conjure the anarchic war boys and scorched landscapes of dystopian cinema. Japanese injection-molded lens cups, digitally sculpted to simulate the heft of vintage motorcycle goggles, represent a dramatic evolution of the wraparound style of the late 1990s; the titanium top bar, inspired by rimless French biker glasses from the 1960s, slopes along the edge of the extruded lens cup to integrate seamlessly into the frame’s lightweight titanium temples.

Designers harnessed the power of emerging technology to render Nacht-One in extraordinary materials. 3D printing technology transformed a digital sculpture of the lens cup into a mold for production; while the titanium temples bear a distinctive cutout signature made possible with a powerful machine-stamping technique.