Fog Stopper

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A simple to use anti-fog treatment for all plastic and glass lenses, including coated AR lenses. AR Fog Stopper is a unique and innovative product designed specifically to de-fog AR lenses.
It is easy to use – apply 1-2 drops on the inside of the lenses, gently spreading with a soft cloth or tissue and allowing to air dry for 15-20 seconds. Once dry, you can use a soft dry cloth and polish the lens. Lenses will remain fog free.
Each application of AR Fog Stopper will remain effective until touched or rubbed off.  One bottle of AR Fog Stopper should last for about 60 full applications.  I design our bottle to avoid over-dropping and waste.
  • Great for all lenses and coatings – including AR
  • Eliminates fog
  • Simple application
  • Available in a 10mL drip bottle.