Botox & Dermal Fillers

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At EYEBAR Houston, we have an Aesthetic Nurse to help you achieve your beauty goals.

Brittany Zeppelin, RN CMSRN, began her cosmetic training in 2010 with an internship under a renowned Plastic Surgeon. She continued to work in his practice until his retirement, at which time she elected to pursue her passion in cosmetic nursing further by working with other talented physicians and ultimately partnering with Dr. Ericsoossi to open her practice, Passion Aesthetics in NYC. Brittany has roots in both NYC and Houston and enjoys the cultural differences and energy of each location. Teaming up with Dr. Garner in Houston was a very natural next step from New York and a great opportunity to work with a family of other ambitious and progressive women with a vision to better serve all beauty acheivers. Brittany has extensive experience in both countering the natural aging process with cosmetic injectables as well as enhancing present features. She uses her artistic ability in conjunction with her experience and anatomical knowledge to create beautiful customized results to meet each clients unique beauty goals.


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