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The newest inductee to DITA’s celebrated capsule of performance eyewear, Endurance 88 revisits a thrilling chapter from racing’s halcyon years using groundbreaking developments in optical technology.

The muscular proportions of 1980s performance racing vehicles are on full display in Endurance 88’s glimmering façade, a sleek acetate shield appointed with gradient 2-base lenses, and a precision-milled stainless steel inlay. A laser-etched steel panel at the frame’s core acts as an anchor for its distinctive titanium side cups — a unique construction technique that projects the mechanical power of European supercars into a new dimension.

As part of the DITA-Laminate series, Endurance 88 is assembled using an innovative contrast-pairing technique to achieve blade-thin profiles that are thinner, stronger, and lighter than traditional acetate frames. Finished with a host of carefully considered details, including laser-etched lenses and titanium temples appointed with DITA’s hex-screw hinges.