• Houston “it” girls of 2016


    In the fourth largest city in America, standing apart from the pack is no easy feat. These 2016 "it" girls represent a class of women who are changing the status quo. From CEOs to radio personalities, these young, local woman are far more than just a pretty face.
  • EyeBar: Luxury Eyewear x Cocktails x Cosmetics


    Dr. Sheena Garner is not your typical eye doctor. She is a stylish blonde bombshell that has a passion for everything involving eye sight! We got a chance to take a peek inside the hottest eye glass office in the city. Not only can you have a glass of champagne while you get your eyes checked, you can get your makeup done and check out the latest high-end frames from your favorite designer...
  • Eye Bar Houston, an Optometrist With a Twist


    The first featured shop on Style By Patty is Eye Bar Houston. How did I find them? Instagram of course. I saw they were offering make up make overs with Jentry Kelley Cosmetics and decided to go in for a glam session. Once I arrived, I realized it was so much more than just your run of the mill eye doctor’s office. Have you ever thought of your optometrist’s office as a one stop shop for all your eye wear and glam needs? ...